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Training Course on: “Effective Facilitator in Community Development (FCD)”

Capacity Development Opportunity

Information of the organizer

TACDO Consulting Center
Consultant or individual
Ms. Vilaylak BOULOM
020 55824448

Information about the capacity development opportunity

Topic of CD to provide (Organizational Development)
Train the trainer, Others
Training Course on: “Effective Facilitator in Community Development (FCD)”
Type of CD Opportunity
August 8, 2018 ຈົນຮອດ August 10, 2018
Vientiane Municipality
TACDO Meeting room Donpamai Village, Sisattanak District,Vientiane Capital, Laos
  • From : 08-10 August 2018, (3days)
  • Start: 8:30-16:30 h
Tel:+ 856 (021) 485108-09, Mobile: +856 (020)5253 7337 Fax:+ 856 (021) 353961, Email:, / / tacdoconsulting center

Course Outlines Introduction:

Facilitators in knowledge organizing or sharing, learning, even will base on

( Knowledge activist ) or ( Knowledge broker ) , both are the ways to encourage and promote and facilitate . To make people confident on conducting by themselves and facilitators will not work as work order or work controller.

Facilitators in knowledge organizing have indirect approaches to link, encourage to knowledge exchanged in background level and link to organization net- working, vision and always focus on current benefits and future of organization.

This course will focus on skills development for being effective facilitators in many areas of working such as: Community facilitator, Meeting Facilitator, Organization Facilitator as well and the course will also emphasize: listening, speaking, conflict solve , planning and reporting as well . Especially this course is focus on Practicing , Demonstrate  and giving an examples to participants to make sure after the training all participants can use this knowledge to improve their workings.

         Course Content:

  1. Human Relationship and Net working establishing
  2. Adult learning
  3. Rhetorical Speech
  4. Community participation Approaches
  5. Roles and Responsible of Facilitator
  6. How to be an effective facilitator ( Developing Facilitation Skills)
  7. Preparation step to present and visualization
  8. Working with the community and coordinating with other parties
Cost (if any)
ມາດຕະຖານຂອງຜູ້ເຂົ້າຮ່ວມ (ກຸ່ມເປົ້າໝາຍ)

    Course participants:

  1. Project coordinators
  2. Community staff
  3. Public sector partners
  4. Facilitators staff or interested parties.

After training, you will receive:

  1. How to build human relationships and network with people in different communities.
  2. Techniques and methods of quality and appropriate facilitators.
  3. Methods and Skills for Analyzing Questions, Listening, Monitoring, and Coordinating with Relevant Stakeholders.