About the Lao Civil Society Website

This website is mean to support civil society the development of civil society in the Lao PDR. we retain information on:

  • I. Capacity development
  • II. Development effectiveness
  • III. The context of environmental development for Lao civil society
  • Laos CSOs Directory
  • IV. Job openings
  • V.  events
  • News & Media

The Civil Society website is designed to contribute to:

  • I. Promote better coordinated and needs-based analysis of capacity development
  • II. Grant easy access information
  • III. improved the accountability of development programs through the evaluation of their policies and partnerships.

The information in the Lao Civil Society Website is meant for:

  • I. Civil society organisations such as Non-Profit Association, Community Based Organisations, producers groups, self-help groups etc.
  • II. Organizations that are looking for partnerships with Lao civil society organisations
  • III. Individuals or organisations that are looking for information related to Lao civil society

The information in the Lao Civil Society website is to provided by:

  • I. Lao and international civil society
  • II. Providers of capacity development services
  • III. Users of capacity development services
  • IV. Development Partners
  • V. The Civil Society Website is hosted by the Civil Society Working Group secretariat