Green Community Allaince (GCA)


Green Community Allaince (GCA)

Type of organization Non Profit Association (NPA)
Year of establishment 2012
Area of Implementation/Province Luang Prabang, Phongsaly, Sekong

- To empower and autonomous federations at national and community levels which have ability to ensure rights of local people to access and control natural resources
- Local people have ability of driving change in the di-rection of sustainable good governance, self reliance and democratization of natural resources manage-ment,
- To promote an enabling and inclusive environment for stakeholders to take part in policy formulation process,
- To support poverty reduction policy as well as make gender equity real
- To strengthen and promote the capacity of GCA staffs to enhance the criteria of international donors

Main Goal

- Support to community based forest enterprises,
- Promotion of capacities, knowledge and infor-mation exchanges acquired between community organizations and link community agendas to na-tional agenda and put forwards local community voices regarding to sustainable development goals

Sector Agriculture, Capacity Building, Community Development, Enviroment, Human Rights
Target Group

Local communities in rural areas


Mr. Duangphachanh Champaphone

Main coordinator

Mr. Duangphachanh Champaphone
Mobile: (+856)-(020)-5400 0954

Office address and contact

Nasai village, Xaysetha district, Vientiane capital.
Moble: (+856)-(020)-599 70333