Lao Disable People’s Association Champasak Branch (LDPA. CPS)


Lao Disable People’s Association Champasak Branch (LDPA. CPS)

Type of organization Non Profit Association (NPA)
Year of establishment 2016
Area of Implementation/Province Champasack

Encourage all to have equal opportunities

Main Goal

Public, private, and public organisations recognise and understand
issues related to the rights of persons with disabilities, leading to more inclusive
policies and services for people with disabilities.

Sector Education, Health/Disabilities, Nutrition, Social Protection
Target Group

Disabled and disadvantaged in society


Mr. Phouvisit Pimmasone Mobile: 020 5563 0633

Main coordinator

Mr. Soulivanh vilayphone Mobile: 020 5906 7250

Office address and contact

Road No. 01, Phatthanaluk meung Village, Pakse City Tel: 031
212421 Email:
Facebook: ldpa.cps