Participatory Development Knowledge Agency (PAKA)


Participatory Development Knowledge Agency (PAKA)

Type of organization Social Enterprise (SE)
Year of establishment 2020
Area of Implementation/Province Attapeu, Champasack, Khammouane, Savannakhet, Vientiane Municipality, Xiengkhouang

Build Lao society toward a holistic learning society through an integrated development process with the participation of all civic sectors that will reinforce Laos in becoming a sustainable and livable country. For achiveing this, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a key concept.

Main Goal

To promote sustainable development through relevant education at
different levels

Sector Agriculture, Capacity Building, Community Development, Education, Income generation
Target Group

Youth both boys and girls, community members, school teachers
advantage groups, VEDC and local government in target areas


Mr. Khamphoui Saythalat Mobile: 020 5570 0843

Main coordinator

Dr. Noukone Onevattahe, Tel: 020 55602973

Office address and contact

1st floor of Cat College building, Phonphanao village, Saysetha
district, Vientiane Capital. Tel: 030 502 9815 Email: