Social Aid Development Foundation (SADF)


Social Aid Development Foundation (SADF)

Type of organization Foundation
Year of establishment 2018
Area of Implementation/Province Houaphan, Vientiane

Reduce and assist poor people in remote and urban areas by conveying
government policies such as infrastructure building, developing basic
facilities and public services to ensure full access and reduce the inequality gap
between urban and rural areas, improve livelihoods by 2020-2025 in accordance
with socio-economic development policy of the Lao government.

Main Goal

To help the poorest rural and urban communities and children
access schools and services

Sector Agriculture, Education, Forestry, Health/Disabilities, Renewabel energy
Target Group

The provincial, district and village authorities in the target areas
The project, including the central sector, is under the guidance of the MOHA .


Mrs Vinh Lienmeexai, Mobile 020 2369 6846

Main coordinator

Ms. Thidaphone Phothisane, Mobile: 020 5553 3871,

Office address and contact

House No: 048, Unit no; 24, Done Daeng Village, Chanthaboury
District, Vientiane Capital, Tel: 021 263 324,