Better Development: A Justice Approach Leadership Training

Capacity Development Opportunity

Information of the organizer

Name of Organization
United Edge
Type of Organization
Development Partner
Contact Person
Matt Kletzing

Information about the capacity development opportunity

Topic of CD to provide (Organizational Development)
Leadership management
Better Development: A Justice Approach Leadership Training
Type of CD Opportunity
May 4, 2020 to May 6, 2020
Course detail
The next Better Development: A Justice Based Approach training in Vientiane will take place from 4-6 May, 2020. 

United Edge is a social enterprise that supports development and humanitarian workers around the world. Our expertise is in participatory approaches to emergent, reflective, and adaptive learning. This training builds on and fills the gaps in conventional human rights based approaches, as well as building capacity on strategy, programme design, impact and innovation, monitoring and evaluation, critical thinking and reflection, participation, systemic thinking and alternative solutions, and leadership.

The training is relevant for any level and department of staff and brings together a diverse mix of participants from NPAs, INGOs, donors, UN agencies, RC movement, and other development partners. 

Now that 1,000 people from over 400 organisations have participated, we’ve recently conducted a learning review that showed 95% of participants would recommend the training to those working in humanitarian, development, social change, or environmental justice, and 99% of participants were still able to demonstrate putting aspects of the training into practice after 3 months.

The training last year was sold out, so we are asking for interested people to please register at this link as soon as possible to confirm their places. 

United Edge has so far had the privilege of working with over 100 people from over 40 organisation in Laos, and we’re looking forward to exchanging more challenge and inspiration with a new group. More information can be found online at, and you can also check the reviews and testimonials, watch a video about the methodology, and a video introduction to the training.
We are happy to answer any questions! Feel free to write to Frances at
Cost (if any)
$450 USD /person
Criteria of Participants (target groups)

Thi s training i s des igned for leader s and
potential leader s of development and
humanitarian agencies , as well as anyone that
want s to create pos iti ve social change or
env ironmental impact in their work, life and
communit y . We welcome participant s from all

level s of organi sations and from di ver se
department s to the training, which creates a
rich mix of experience and per specti ves .

Please note that the training will be
conducted entirely in English

Expected outcome
  • We will criticall y challenge and explore many
    as sumptions about methodology and practice
    in the following areas :
    – Strategic Leader ship
    – Programme Des ign
    – Ev idence-based deci s ion making
    – Participator y Approaches
    – Sy s tem Anal y s i s
    – Pri v ilege and Power
    – Right s Based Programming
    – Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning
    – Ethics and Accountabilit y

  • We will al so explore a number of innovati ve
    and exciting practical approaches that you
    can appl y to your work.
    The training will challenge you, inspire you
    and gi ve you the tool s to lead env ironmental,
    social change, development and
    humanitarian wo