What We Do

The overall goal of the KIS is to help catalyze the creation of a vibrant civil society in Lao PDR that is capable of contributing to inclusive development, poverty alleviation and good governance.

By doing this we aim to promote coordination and communication among Lao civil society organizations and stakeholders. The KIS aims to act as a focal point where potential capacity development providers and users can exchange information, experience and expertise on the subject which will help to improve their organizational and programmatic development.

Capacity Development

A variety of types of CSOs in both Vientiane and the provinces are drawing on their strengthened organisational and programmatic capacity to deliver quality services to their target populations.

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Aid Effectiveness

CSOs are engaging and advocating more effectively with key constituencies such as the general public, government and private sector.

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Information, Coordination & Communication

Cross-cutting information & knowledge management mechanisms will ensure effective communication, coordination and quality assurance amongst organizations and individuals.

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