A variety of types of CSOs in both Vientiane and the provinces are drawing on their strengthened organisational and programmatic capacity to deliver quality services to their target populations.

Users across Laos can participate in capacity development events and will give both themselves and the capacity development providers an opportunity to learn more about an individual organisation’s needs and opportunities, with the ultimate goal of developing a partnership. between the individuals and organizations involved. This partnership will enable the providers and users the opportunity to work in close proximity on the design and delivery of a pilot series of capacity development initiatives over an extended period. The capacity development activities can be found on this website, and the system users who are interested in participating in the activities can contact the capacity development provider through this website as well.

In addition, capacity development users can request for capacity development activities that you or your organization are interested by posting the details under the capacity development request. Your request will be seen by anyone who views the system and they will be given the opportunity to respond to your request.