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National Consultant on Small Grants

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National Consultant on Small Grants
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Part Time
1. Background

Cord is an international peace-building NGO with headquarters in the UK, and with programs in Africa and Asia. Cord builds peace through working in partnership with both civil society and governments in conflictual development contexts, resulting in the increased capacity of individuals, organisations and societies to further their economic and social development and address human development needs. Cord has had a presence in Laos since 2010.

Cord Laos is seeking an external Consultant to be assigned on an EU-funded project (CONNECT) that will run until June 2021. The project is managed as a multi-partner consortium involving Cord, Helvetas, PADETC, and LDA. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity and conditions through which civil society organisations and local authorities can contribute to the achievement of Laos’ national development goals. The project approach has three elements: firstly, to improve the capacity of CSOs to manage themselves and represent themselves to stakeholders, secondly to enlarge the safe space within which CSOs can come alongside and support one another, and thirdly to increase collaboration between CSOs and Laos. The third component includes a small grants scheme with 6 – 8 small grants in total aimed at demonstrating improved education and/or nutrition outcomes for rural communities. The project is being delivered in four provinces in Lao PDR, with learning and good practice shared at a national level.

The consultant is required to ensure that activities related to the small grant scheme given to third parties are well implemented and to support the local partners and staff assigned to conduct those micro-project activities in a timely and efficient manner.

The consultant is expected to work closely with the (CONNECT) project partners, especially the Field Officers, and will need to maintain good relationships with Cord team members and partners as well as with other civil society organisations, local government and project beneficiaries (communities). He/she is expected to support the Cord Programme Manager in the coordination and implementation of activities related to the small grants, including monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to ensure that progress towards the project’s outcomes are effectively and efficiently measured and documented.

The consultant is expected to be experienced in a range of small grant mechanism (under 30,000 EUR value) and capable of sound diagnosis, critical thinking and analysis, and be flexible, supportive and responsive in service delivery.

2. Location The consultant will be based at Cord Laos office in Vientiane with regular travel to the project provinces.

3. Roles and responsibilities

      He/she is responsible for supporting the effective and efficient planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the small grant related activities and ensuring the effective use of the small grants in accordance with the small grant contracts and the CONNECT Project.

Key activities are as follows:
  1. Guide and support all responsible parties (CONNECT Field Officers and their grantee counterparts, including government departments and community based organisations) in the implementation of their respective tasks
  2. Support proposal development and revision, and work with the applicants to ensure adherence to agreed procedures (i.e. appropriate level of detail is submitted; templates used)
  3. Support induction meetings with the grantees on contracting and reporting procedures
  4. Assist and support Field Officers in coaching and mentoring activities related to small grant implementation, including developing schedules and tracking systems
  5. Provide technical inputs for small grant related templates and documents, including for reporting, monitoring and documentation purposes.
  6. Support (coaching) the production and analysis of small grants narrative and financial reports and good practice documentation
  7. Maintain close and regular contact with the project team and partners
  8. Carry out monitoring field visits (at least two per project site within the grant period) and provide a short field monitoring report for each visit
  9. Coordinate with consortium partners as relevant when meeting, including input in provision of monthly updates
  10. Contribute to Capacity Assessment reports on each of the grantees
  11. Maintain strong communication with the CONNECT team by sharing all relevant information
  12. Document, aggregate and review all informational notes related to the small grants and support the Cord Programme Manager in the aggregation of annual programmatic reports
  13. Perform other tasks occasionally if/when requested by Cord Programme Manager

4. Specific Deliverables
  •  Workplan and coaching plan for each grantee
  •  Small Grant monitoring database
  •  Small grant related templates and documents (e.g. monitoring forms, reporting forms etc.)
  •  Field Visit Reports (two per project site)

5. Conditions and timeframe

     The period of the consultation will run from January to August 2020. The consultant is required to work for two to three days per week, with a minimum of 10 days per month. Specific days of the week can be arranged. The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Cord Laos Programme Manager.

6. Fees and payment

     Travel outside Vientiane, other administrative costs, and logistical aspects related to travel occurring as part of the consultancy will be arranged with the support of Cord. All other envisaged communication, accommodation, travel costs must be included in the financial proposal and are the consultant’s own responsibility. The payment for the services provided by the Consultant will be made on a monthly basis, as per contract deliverables, upon acceptance by the Programme Manager of monthly reports.

7. Performance evaluation

      The Consultant’s performance will be evaluated against criteria including timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, accuracy, and quality of the products delivered.
8. Required profile
  1. At least 5 years of experience in capacity development, project management and administration
  2. Knowledge of the civil society context in Lao PDR and demonstrated practical experience in community development
  3. Fluency in Lao and English, both written and spoken
  4. Experience in small grant management
  5. Demonstrated knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, monitoring, and reporting project activities
  6. Good facilitation skills and hands-on experience in coordinating meetings, conducting trainings and workshops, coaching and/or mentoring
  7. Demonstrated interpersonal skills and ability to work well in multi-cultural settings
  8. Demonstrated skills in formulating project documents, reports and policy briefs
  9. Ability to write well and communicate complex ideas and problems to diverse audiences
  10. Good analysis and conceptual skills
  11. Ability to tackle critical situations and work under pressure
  12. Knowledge of Cord or another peacebuilding international organisation is a strong asset
  13. Experience of working in Lao PDR is a strong asset

9. Application Applicants must provide:
  1. A detailed CV (max. 3 pages)
  2. A written statement explaining how you will deliver on the required profile, detailing past experiences and methodology/approach used
  3. Contact details of two relevant references
  4. A financial proposition for the consultancy work including all relevant taxes The consultant should provide their financial offer in USD, broken down to a daily rate.

⇒Applications should be submitted to: Application deadline: 22nd January 2020

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. As this is an urgent position, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis therefore, interested candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Deadline for application
January 22, 2020
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Cord laos
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Cord laos
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